The future of PIN security: users choose a code that includes a colour, a symbol as well as numbers

29 ianuarie 2014

The colours and symbols randomly change position each time the pad is used, and are displayed on ATM screen. System could also be used on phones and tablet.

Researchers have unveiled a new safer system using colours and symbols as well as numbers that could cut ATM fraud dramatically. The system would avoid many current practices used by fraudster to steal PIN numbers, such as ‘shoulder surfing’ to see which keys are being pressed. The new system could end the practise of ‘shoulder surfing’ ATM fraud, its inventors claim. The system could be used on existing ATM machines by updating their software.
It looks like much like any other 10 digit keypad, but instead of each button having just a number, they also have a colour and a symbol/shape, according to the company press release.

A user chooses a PIN with a combination of numbers, colours and shapes/symbols: for example – 3, square, pink, flag. Each time that the user has to input their pin, the colours and symbols randomly change position on the TRI-PIN keypad, so you’re never pressing the same sequence of keys.

”It is a ideal design for touch screen devices, but can also work on computers, ATM machines (with a colour screen), safes and other devices that don’t have a touch screen. Because the numbers are static , you press the corresponding key that TRI-PIN shows on the screen. For example, if pink is the first part of you pin, and it’s on 3, you press the 3 one the keypad or keyboard.”, the firm says.

It could also be used to unlock smartphones, tablets and even doors, the firm says.

Take a look to see how it works

”TRI-PIN is a very simple, but effective idea with a higher level of security than traditional PINs. The great thing about TRI-PIN is that it’s a software solution, so if it was available on Apple/Android, all you need to do is update current devices rather than upgrade or change them,” said Glynn Reynolds, the inventor of TRI-PIN.

The first company to use TRI-PIN is Lunabee on there oneSafe app on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

TRI-PIN is an award winning revolutionary PIN system the that makes it impossible for people to discover – even if they see or record you typing it in, company claimed. The inventor of TRI-PIN, Glynn Reynolds, patent has now been published. ( UK patent code: GB 2504157). According to the press release, Glynn is open to offers for selling the patent.

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