Samsung C&T Fashion Division debuts its wearables at IFA 2015, aiming for the launch into the global market

4 septembrie 2015

Samsung’s fashion division is to showcase a smart suit equipped with an NFC chip in its sleeve at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The item from Samsung C&T Fashion Group will be one of four on show over the next week as the company unveils its platform brand for wearables — dubbed The Humanfit — which aims to integrate fashion design and technology.

Smart Suit 4.0 will appear alongside On Bag, a purse with a built-in battery module to allow owners to charge their smartphones without a cable; Body Compass, a shirt equipped with electrocardiogram (ECG) and electromyogram (EMG) sensors to track the wearer’s heart rate and respiration; and Perfect Wallet, a wallet and card case equipped with NFC that allows for “various NFC functions” through a mobile app.

‘Smart Suit’ is a suit line of ‘Rogatis’, Samsung C&T’s representative menswear brand, which was first introduced in fall 2013. At IFA 2015, the latest version, ‘Smart Suit 4.0’, is on display. „Unlike its previous versions which had a NFC tag attached inside the suit pocket, ‘Smart Suit 4.0’ has it embedded in the sleeve button. Therefore, it features significantly enhanced convenience of managing the NFC tag when wearing the suit.”, Samsung says.

„Its exclusive mobile app works as a platform application and features various useful functions, depending on the user’s customized settings; it could automatically connect to the proper mode (office mode, business meeting mode or driving mode), open up the user’s designated app or transmit the user’s e-business card to the other’s smartphone. ‘Smart Suit 4.0’ will be available in the South Korean market from this Fall/Winter season.”, according to the press release.

‘Perfect Wallet’ is an accessories line of MVIO, a menswear brand of Samsung C&T. Its wallets and card cases are equipped with a NFC tag which allows the user to utilize various NFC functions through a mobile application. ‘Perfect Wallet’ will be soon released in the South Korean market, starting from this Fall/Winter season.

“Wearable technology has emerged as a key topic of recent IT trade shows as the potential of the worldwide wearables market is rapidly growing”, said a representative of Samsung C&T. “Most of wearables are usually in form of electronic devices, but Samsung C&T presents differentiated wearables in form of fashion items, taking advantage of its experience in the fashion industry.”

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