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Romanian healthtech SanoPass steps into metaverse and launches collection of health utility NFTs on the Elrond blockchain

25 martie 2022

The project is introducing the concept of smart contracting to the conservative medical market and provide a real-life utility for cryptocurrencies payments.

SanoPass, a leading healthtech and medtech startup in the Romanian market, has developed the sanopass.io platform, a digital portal where it explores Web3.0 and the Metaverse to provide access to health and wellness services in Romania and neighbouring Republic of Moldavia. „The first step is the launch of a collection of Non-Fungible Tokens, SanoCubs, on the blockchain of the Romanian platform Elrond.,” according to the press release.

Each of the 10,000 SanoCubs NFTs in the collection will be unique and, in addition to the digital art component, comes bundled with a full subscription to medical and fitness services, exclusive content and rewards for the users who lead a healthy lifestyle and prioritise prevention.

The collection announced by SanoPass will have a mint price of 2 EGLD (eGOLD). The SanoPass collection will be launched on April 1st with a pre-sale round exclusively for whitelisted community members.

SanoPass has disclosed that this will be the only collection of NFTs they will launch, and their owners will receive a series of rewards in several drops. In the second quarter of this year, SanoCubs NFT owners receive a full subscription to medical and fitness services, as well as exclusive access to a premium platform based on content developed directly by doctors, fitness coaches, nutritionists and other health experts. In the second half of 2023, NFT holders will receive health tokens, with staking capability. They will be able to pay for wellness services directly with this cryptocurrency.

Implementing NFT-based technology will allow us to introduce the concept of smart contracting to the conservative medical market, provide a real-life utility for cryptocurrencies and create a community that prioritises wellbeing, whose members will get rewards for their healthy lifestyle and preventative medicine habits. Elrond’s technology now makes it possible for the wellbeing industry to move to the next level. The one in which people who choose to look after their health are rewarded with the same type of services – health and wellbeing”, says Andrei Vasile, Managing Partner of SanoPass.

The NFTs announced by SanoPass represent a tiger, and all the unique elements draw inspiration from the medical and fitness universe. The subscription that comes bundled with each ‘health avatar’ will unlock a number of benefits that can be used in the largest network of wellbeing providers in Romania: 10 consultations of general and internal medicine, access to 100 fitness workouts, as well as telemedicine and AI-powered symptoms checker.

“I am delighted that blockchain technology is sought after by businesses from essential industries and that we can actively help our community, and also that we can lay the groundwork for a project that will eliminate the barriers between technology and the conservative medical market. The effervescence, utility and scalability of the SanoPass project make them a solid long-term partner for blockchain developers,” said Felix Crișan, CTO Netopia and Consultant in the SanoPass Metaverse project.

Use of blockchain will transform the medical and fitness system through decentralization, providing instant access to specialists and information. The concept of smart contracting will be implemented in wellbeing for the first time, and guaranteeing data security and confidentiality is one of the key strengths of the project. Community membership, neutrality and reward incentives are the pillars for SanoPass’s mission to promote a healthy lifestyle based on medical prevention, fitness and balanced nutrition.


Romanian healthtech SanoPass is the wellbeing platform that connects, integrates and digitizes preventative medical and fitness services in over 1000 clinics and over 150 gyms nationwide. Recognized for its innovative projects, it has grown rapidly in recent years, attracting more than 1.2 million Euro in funding, doubling its turnover last year and announcing international development.

Through its national networks of partners, SanoPass recorded last year more than 10,000 medical services and 5,000 gym sessions each month, provided to its 50,000 subscribers and 30,000 users.

SanoPass provides access to over 11,000 doctors, guaranteeing appointments with national coverage in a maximum of 48 hours. Medical services are complemented by the platform’s fitness module.

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