Revolut is launching 12+ new crypto collections, gathering over 100 cryptocurrencies

6 aprilie 2023

Today, Revolut enables the investment in Crypto Collections, for the UK and EEA customers, a new way to experience and trade tokens. Crypto Collections make cryptocurrency exploration, understanding, and tracking easier, and allow multiple currencies trade with a single tap.

What are Crypto Collections ?
„Crypto Collections groups the 100+ tokens available in our app into Collections based on the
underlying technology and use case for the token. Customers also have the ability to buy an
entire Collection and spread their investment evenly among all the tokens in the Collection.” – according to the press release.

Examples of Crypto Collections are Metaverse, NFTs, Layer 1 and Defi. A customer can also
track the collection as a whole, in an aggregated view.

The new feature, building on the back of the crypto-education tool ‘Learn & Earn’, prompts
users to learn and focus on the underlying technology behind each token, rather than the
‘hype’ and ‘fomo’ of the crypto market.

Narmin Ibadullayeva, Product Owner Crypto at Revolut, said: ”With Collections, users can
discover new tokens based on the underlying technology and understand more about what the
protocol behind the token does. It also allows users to select the areas they are interested in
and spread their investment over a number of tokens, instead of having to pick individual
tokens. For example, you might think that a certain domain is going to play an important role
in the future, but you don’t know how to act on this theory. With Crypto Collections, you can
easily see all tokens that are related to that area, as well as spread your investment across all
the related tokens on Revolut”

The feature is available for all Revolut plans. There is a minimum investment amount of £1
(6 RON) per token in the collection for Standard users.
There are several ways to buy and sell crypto on Revolut. Customers can set up a stop or limit order so
they don’t have to time the market or use the Recurring Buy feature to average out volatility.
Customers can also round up any spare change in a cryptocurrency of their choice.

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