Polish company unveils world’s first card for receiving payments without a terminal

22 martie 2021

A Polish company has unveiled what it believes to be the world’s first “deposit” card, which allows users to receive contactless payments without requiring a card terminal, according to NFP. While available only in Poland for now, there are plans to offer the service internationally in the near future.

Zrzutka, which is Poland’s leading crowdfunding service, describes its new card (karta wpłatnicza, meaning “deposit card”, a play on karta płatnicza meaning “payment card”) as a “mini-terminal” in itself.

To receive a payment, the card is held near a smartphone, which will detect it and offer a selection of contactless payment options. The process can be activated either through Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology or by scanning the QR code on the card.

The service is aimed in particular at small business owners – such as handymen – but also private customers who can use the card to, for example, quickly split a bill with friends. It can also be used by workers to receive tips for services.

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