PayByFace launches touchless payments with facial biometrics in Romania

28 iulie 2020

Today, Mihai Draghici – the CEO and Founder of PayByFace announced that the facial biometric payment solution is now available in Mamaia right on the beach at Baque Playa ! „You can buy a pina colada with just your face after you get out of the water,” he said.

Also, PayByFace has launched a biometric facial recognition-based payments system to Tucano Coffee shops in Bucharest in collaboration with Romanian online card payment processor Euplatesc, according to

The contactless payment system enables any shopper to complete a transaction without using a phone, card, or cash. Customers can sign up for the service regardless of the mobile phone model they use, or what bank issued their payment card, by downloading the PayByFace Consumer app from Google Play or the iOS App Store. PayByFace says the technology improves the customer experience with a convenient, fast and secure process.

The Tucano Coffee in AFI Park Cotroceni shopping mall launched the service on July 17, 2020, and PayByFace will offer it to select commercial partners in Bucharest during the initial three-month launch phase. During that time, the company says it will finetune the app to meet customer and merchant needs.

Mihai Draghici announced the Afi Park Tucano Coffee deployment as the company’s second on LinkedIn.

An iPad configured for the PayByFace Merchant app scans the customer’s face using the standard device camera, converts it into an encrypted template, and searches for a match to a registered user in a local database. The payment is processed through the Euplatesc gateway with the tokenized version of the customer’s card on file.

The whole process can be completed in four seconds, with digital receipts emailed to the client and store.

PayByFace is working to integrate its service with card processing providers in France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Switzerland.

Commerce 2020 Demo Day – Pitch PayByFace

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