Online spending in Denmark – 120 mil. transactions, 9,6 billion euros turnover and a population of only 5,6 mil. inhabitants

25 august 2014

Denmark is not only the happiest nation on Earth but could be considered the first in e-commerce. On average, the Danes make an online purchase 3 to 4 times per month. According to the Danish E-commerce survey, clothing is the preferred good (18 %) and travels come in second (14 %). The use of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones is increasing rapidly, especially in families with children. 26% of all searches are conducted on tablets and 21% of all purchases are finalized on this device.

Survey shows that the Danes spent 4,8 billion Euros on e-commerce in the first half of 2014, and that is a clear indication that 2014 will set a new record. Based on the half year figures published, FDIH projects an annual growth of 15 % compared to 2013. Concretely this means that, at the end of the year, Danes will have purchased goods or services more than 120 million times and together their spending will have reached a turnover of 9,6 billion Euros.

„It is not surprising that 2014 will be another record breaking year, for indeed we have been breaking records every year for more than a decade. But the growth rate is really impressing and it is so much higher than the predicted annual growth of 10%,” says communications director at FDIH Henrik Theil.

„No other sales channels are able to show double-digit growth year after year, and it underlines e-commerce as the consumers’ preferred way of shopping. E-commerce in Denmark has more than doubled its revenue since 2009.”

The survey is based on replies from nearly 8.000 consumers, and it shows that Danes shop online more often than in previous years.
Cross-border competition is fierce within the Danish e-commerce market. Only 7 out of 10 purchases are done in Danish web shops. The top 5 of most popular sites outside of Denmark includes Amazon (UK), Zalando (DE), and eBay (US).
The Denmark-wide survey has been published by FDIH, the Danish E-commerce Association which is a member of Ecommerce Europe.


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Gabriela Nistor – director general adjunct BT

Tendinţele pe care le-am remarcat înainte de începerea pandemiei s-au accelerat pe perioada stării de urgenţă. Am văzut acest lucru ca o oportunitate, un tipping point pentru bancă. Post-pandemie nu avem cum sa ne întoarcem la comportamentul financiar pe care îl aveam până în februarie a.c. Relaţia românilor cu online-ul s-a schimbat. In plus, cardul fizic se va dematerializa. Vom asista la o scădere a cererii pentru cardurile fizice, respectiv la o creştere a preferinţei pentru componenta digitală a acestora.”


In 23 septembrie 2019, BNR a anuntat infiintarea unui Fintech Innovation Hub pentru a sustine inovatia in domeniul serviciilor financiare si de plata. In acest sens, care credeti ca ar trebui sa fie urmatorul pas al bancii centrale in 2020?