Oberthur Tehnologies announced that had issued 5,000,000 PINs through SMS, internet or Interactiv Vocal Server

23 februarie 2015

Oberthur Technologies (OT) launched Smart PIN in November 2009 and since then had issued more than 5 mil. PINs in 16 countries. This innovative service gives the possibility to issue a card PIN code directly to the cardholder via a number of electronic channels as SMS, IVS (Interactiv Vocal Server) or Internet selection. Smart PIN can also be configured to allow a cardholder to select their PIN. SMART PIN can provide also cost saving thanks to: no more paper, no more stock management, PIN mailer printing, stamping, non deliver PIN mailer management.

The solution can provision 3 separate channels in order to communicate to cardholders and manage PIN Delivery.

1. SMS: PIN delivery is managed via text messaging. The cardholder submits their authentication code to the SMART PIN system via a text message. The PIN is delivered to the cardholder in a text message. Response and PUSH text messaging can be provisioned in order to manage the delivery.

2. INTERNET: An IFrame or Proxy is integrated into the existing BNPP online banking environment. This provides al ink between the cardholder and the Smart Pin system. Subsequent data exchanges then take place securely across the IFrame.

3. APP: A plug in is integrated into the existing mobile banking application. This provides a link between the cardholder and the Smart Pin system. Subsequent data exchanges then take place securely across this plug in.

„Today’s consumers will not wait. They can access their bank accounts online, download apps wherever and whenever they are, and manage their lives on the move. Having to wait 2 to 3 days for a PIN to come through the mail is something of an anachronism in the digital world.”, says Orlando Docan, Finance Business Development Manager Romania, Bulgaria&Moldavia – Oberthur Technologies.

„From a balance sheet perspective, getting the PIN to the cardholder with the minimum of delay increases the speed of card activations, and eliminates revenue leakage of unused and dormant cards. Models within the paper suggest issuers are able to gain additional revenues of up to and above 750,000 USD annually.”, according to Smart Payment Association (SPA).

Among the users of the OT’s SmartPIN solutions: HSBC in Australia, Citibank and Santander in UK, Carefour Banque in Italy and Spain, BGZ and Kredyt Bank in Poland, PINTO, KBC, CBC, Cente in Belgium, Elisa in Finland.

Smart PIN from OT is an integrated service for secure PIN issuance via SMS, IVR or internet. The system supports a number of PIN settings in order to comply with different encryption methods and key versions. All PIN data is stored and transported securely.

OT has a unique experience to provide Smart PIN: 20 years experience in secure device personalisation and a trusted supplier to more than 350 telecom customers, 2,000 financial institutions and numerous transport authorities. OT personalised and shipped 1 mil. payments cards every weekday, 1 to 2 mil. SIM cards are shipped every calendar day and 900 million smart cards are personalised per year.

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Gabriela Nistor – director general adjunct BT

Tendinţele pe care le-am remarcat înainte de începerea pandemiei s-au accelerat pe perioada stării de urgenţă. Am văzut acest lucru ca o oportunitate, un tipping point pentru bancă. Post-pandemie nu avem cum sa ne întoarcem la comportamentul financiar pe care îl aveam până în februarie a.c. Relaţia românilor cu online-ul s-a schimbat. In plus, cardul fizic se va dematerializa. Vom asista la o scădere a cererii pentru cardurile fizice, respectiv la o creştere a preferinţei pentru componenta digitală a acestora.”


In 23 septembrie 2019, BNR a anuntat infiintarea unui Fintech Innovation Hub pentru a sustine inovatia in domeniul serviciilor financiare si de plata. In acest sens, care credeti ca ar trebui sa fie urmatorul pas al bancii centrale in 2020?