Mobile banking on Mount Everest

24 mai 2013

Two customers of Standard Chartered Bank are taking the phrase „banking anytime, anywhere” to new heights. They have set a world record by being the first to use a mobile banking app on Mount Everest. The climbers achievements may soon be eclipsed by a former Goldman Sachs trader who will attempt to secure world records for the „first financial transaction in space’ and ‘highest recorded financial transaction’ at 103 kilometres above sea level from aboard Space Expedition Corporation’s Xcor Lynx MKII shuttle in 2014.

Climbers Horacio Galanti (photo) and Horacio Cunietti achieved the feat using Standard Chartered Breeze mobile banking apps during their expedition to summit the highest peak in the world; an altitude of 8,848 metres above sea level.

In a series of firsts for banking, they have successfully traded shares and conducted funds transfers at Everest Camp 3 located at 6,500 metres then confirmed their bank account balances at Everest Camp 4 located at 8,000 metres.

Aman Narain, Standard Chartered’s group head of digital banking, says: „This challenge really shows how far mobile technology has come, in that it’s possible to bank anytime, even from the most extreme locations on the planet.”

Mountaineer, Horacio Galanti, says: „I’ve been mountaineering for more than 23 years and this expedition has been the realization of a lifetime ambition for me. On our journey we experienced ice, snow, moving glaciers, hurricane force winds and temperatures that dipped to -40 degrees celcius. I was amazed at how resilient the Breeze application was. Not many people can say they have been able to do their banking on the highest mountain on earth.”

Mountaineers Horacio Galanti and Horacio Cunietti have done their unique Himalayan expedition to mark the 60th anniversary of Everest first ascent. The expedition also push the boundaries of mobile technology in extreme environments.

The mountaineers hope to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for making mobile banking transactions at high altitude.

Standard Chartered has been digitising its banking services to deliver innovations which address the needs of its globally connected, socially networked customers who are on the go.

The bank’s suite of banking and lifestyle apps, including Breeze Banking, Breeze Home, Breeze Good Life and Breeze Trade, provide a differentiated mobile banking solution to customers. Breeze Trade lets customers view market indices, create stock watch list, access market news, and buy and sell Hong Kong stocks, among other things.

More than 1 million users around the world have downloaded Breeze.

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