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ISO 20022 in bytes for payments: Focus on instruction messages for November 2025

21 iunie 2024

With 18 months to go until the end of the coexistence period, the daily average number of Cross-border Payments and Reporting Plus(CBPR+) messages exchanged now exceeds one million.

Following the steady progress, at its March 2024 meeting, the Swift Board re-confirmed the community’s commitment to November 2025 as the end of the MT/ISO 20022 cross-border coexistence period, emphasising that priority should be given to instruction messages to ensure operational continuity and ongoing interoperability.

Focus on instructions

Amongst the various message types in scope of migration, Swift, at the request of the community and with the support of the Board, proposes that priority be given to instructions.

This is because the use of ISO 20022 cross-border instructions is necessary to enable end-to-end interoperability between financial institutions (FIs) and between FIs and Payments Market Infrastructures (PMIs). For compliance reasons, it is important to ensure that data – particularly related to payment parties – is not lost or truncated along the end-to-end processing chain. This cannot be guaranteed if a transaction that originates in ISO 20022 is converted to the less rich MT standard as part of its cross-border journey.

Following strong feedback from National Member Groups and the Core Payments Working Group that we should enable members to focus on instructions, other FIN/MT message types in the scope of the migration, including reporting/statements, will not be withdrawn from the FIN service immediately in November 2025. These message types are deprecated, meaning they are no longer maintained by Swift, and disincentives will be introduced at a later date, so FIs are strongly advised to switch to their ISO 20022 equivalents as soon as possible.


Cross-border payments and reporting plus (CBPR+) is a workgroup of payments experts whose mission is to create global ISO 20022 Market Practice and Implementation Guidelines to ensure a common roll-out and implementation of ISO 20022 by banks.

The initial CBPR+ release was implemented in March 2023, covering a series of payment initiation (pain), payment clearing and settlement (pacs) and cash management (camt) messages.

March 2023 was only the start, with additional CBPR+ messages migrating during the coexistence period. The November 2023 release saw cheques, direct debits, and a few other use cases (cancellation, margin collection) going live.

2024 will be the year of charges messages. The CBPR+ workgroup developed 4 usage guidelines to cover notification and request use cases.

CBPR+ release in November 2025 – The CBPR+ working group is creating new usage guidelines for the camt.025 (“receipt”) and admi.024 (“correspondence”) messages. Swift expect these guidelines to be available by the end of 2024 and mark another important milestone in the evolution of CBPR+ standards.

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