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Financial aggregator Fideum is the overall winner of Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV

5 decembrie 2023

Fideum is aiming to bridge the gap between traditional financial sector and blockchain technology by offering a ‘plug and play’ integration process to both B2C and B2B users. Simply put, Fideum allows users to integrate cryptocurrencies quickly and easily and blockchain services into their solutions enabling traditional players to take part in the crypto space. 

The winners of the Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV fall 2023 program have been announced during Mastercard Lighthouse’s grand finale event and awards ceremony at the SLUSH conference in Helsinki.

Financial aggregator Fideum was announced as the overall winner of Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV. The company will receive ongoing support from Mastercard and are invited to pitch for Start Path, Mastercard’s global startup engagement program.

Fideum receives double award – one for being selected as the regional Baltic class winner, one for being recognized as the overall winner of the Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV Program. Fideum also won the popular vote and received the People’s Choice award which was announced at the Mastercard Lighthouse Startup Showcase.

Fideum is aiming to bridge the gap between traditional financial sector and blockchain technology by offering a ‘plug and play’ integration process to both B2C and B2B users. Crypto-related services include crypto wallet services, decentralized exchange connectivity, smart contract automation, regulatory compliance tools and staking and yield optimizing platforms. The company has great international traction as Fideum is already supporting 120 countries with their solution supported by their 30 institutional partners.

In the words of this fall’s selection committee, Fideum was selected as the overall FINITIV Program winner “on account of their clear vision of the need for marrying the old established with the new upcoming features and functions while ensuring regulatory compliance.”

„“Being honored as the Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV winner is a testament to Fideum’s vision of bridging the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning digital asset market. Mastercard’s recognition highlights the critical need for innovative solutions that Fideum addresses – creating a seamless, regulated pathway for institutions to engage with digital assets. This win is a nod to our foresight in solving real market challenges and Mastercard’s alignment with our goal to transform the financial sector,” says Anastasija Plotnikova – CEO at Fideum.

The financial technology industry is undergoing a transformational shift, and the fintech companies selected for this program are at the forefront of this revolution,” says Mats Taraldsson, head of Innovation, Fintech and Impact Tech Engagement at Mastercard Nordics and Baltics. „I am excited to see the innovation and disruption that they are bringing – they are pushing the boundaries of traditional banking and payment methods, and their solutions are addressing the changing needs and expectations of consumers. We are very happy to see that Fideum was appointed as the overall winner of the Fall FINITIV Program with its innovative solution and vision for bridging the traditional financial system with the digital asset markets.”

The Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV program runs over a three-month period and offers Nordic and Baltic fintech and fintech-enabler startups and early scaleups the opportunity to work with stakeholders such as Mastercard, tier one Nordic banks (e.g. SEB, Danske Bank, DnB, Swedbank and OP Financial Group), our Tech partners (e.g. AWS), Program Advisors (e.g. FinTech Mundi and Invenio Growth) and a circle of Investors. The purpose of the Program is to create conditions favorable for identifying and pursuing Partnership between the Program participants and stakeholders, and even the participants themselves.

Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, an overall Program winner is selected by the Program stakeholders, based on variety of criteria such as partnership capacity, value proposition, relevance, invest and innovation potential, and traction.

Aside from Fideum, three other startups stood out in this fall’s FINITIV 2023 class.

The Investor Award was given to Vaulter (Powrs) as the company that showed most traction with Mastercard Lighthouse’s Investor Circle.

Bits Technology has been declared the winner of the Swedish class. It designs dynamic onboarding flows and prevents fraud by using multiple data sources for one’s identity needs. Easy connection is enabled by a single integration to their API and the no-code platform allows each user to tailor the onboarding experience exactly to their needs.

Starcart has been declared the winner of the Finnish class. Its solution solves the problem of online shopping: how to buy things easily and cheaply. The platform lets the user compare the price of each product and choose the best price with additional discounts in case they order from Starcart’s platform.


Mastercard Lighthouse is a partnership program designed to strengthen the financial services ecosystem. Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV is a tuition-free program designed to catalyze symbiotic partnerships between fintechs / fintech-enablers, Mastercard, tier 1 Banks and other Nordic & Baltic partners. Pairing the energy and innovation of fintechs with the stability and distribution at large financial service firms, the Program produces partnerships that strengthen the entire ecosystem. Each five-month the program hosts a series of on-site and online workshops for 15 fintechs and fintech-enablers, and brings banks, investors, advisors and fintechs together to explore partnerships via open innovation.

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