Diebold Software Innovation: contactless mobile payments with secure card onboarding via the ATM

21 octombrie 2015

Most mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay, let customers add cards simply by entering the details manually or taking a photo of the plastic. Diebold argues that its alternative – developed with HCE-based NFC mobile payments specialist SimplyTapp – takes advantage of the „inherently secure architecture” of ATM networks for the card onboarding.

To enrol in their bank’s mobile wallet, a customer must insert their card at the ATM and enter their PIN. On the machine’s screen they are given the option to sign up to the wallet and if they choose to, are asked to enter their phone number. They then receive a text with a link to download the app.

Automatically, the customer’s card data is encrypted in the form of tokens and transferred from the ATM to the card issuer’s virtual cloud via SimplyTapp’s HCE technology. The user can then start making contactless mobile payments.

Diebold says in a press release that its patent-pending process is already being piloted by America First Credit Union and Banco Popular de Puerto Rico. The ATM giant is hoping that by requiring a PIN and for the card to be present, its system will help win over the public, which has consistently cited security as the major obstacle to mobile payments takeup.

„Consumers these days carry cash, cards and a phone; how can they securely use these together? We brought our knowledge of authentication, security and ATM transaction processing to provide a better, more secure consumer experience,” says Alan Kerr, EVP, software, Diebold.

„From hardware and software to services and security, we have the knowledge and experience to orchestrate the most advanced experiences the industry has ever seen: secure, convenient card onboarding to a mobile payments app, followed by instant NFC access at both point-of-sale and the ATM.”

In a recent market report (2015 Federal Reserve Study), 62 percent of consumers are concerned with mobile payments security1, but overwhelmingly prefer and trust banks to manage their financial data. „This white-label offering enables financial institutions to securely promote mobile integration and control the user experience and data. It also empowers financial institutions to remain competitive by offering an exclusive solution in the growing payments space.”, says Diebold.

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