Banking 4.0 #SeFaceLaStup (is done at STUP)

11 mai 2023

The spring edition of Banking 4.0, dedicated to the impact of blockchain technology in the new digital economy, will take place this year at STUP, on May 23. The event will be organized in a hybrid format, and participation is by invitation only.

This year’s theme will cover topics – many firsts for the Romanian market – such as the regulation of digital assets (MiCA legislation), digital Euro, CBDC retail projects such as IceBreaker, the NFT market, including in Romania, metaverse opportunities, investments in digital assets and their taxation.

In addition, the international conference will also have a competition of start-ups that have developed projects based on blockchain technology.

The presentations and discussions in the panels will be conducted at the level of experts. Here are just a few examples, from the more than 30 „speakers” at the Banking 4.0 international conference – the only place in Romania where the banking ecosystem meets the digital assets industry:

Yoav Soffer – Advisor to the Deputy Governor at Bank of Israel

Yoav is not only the adviser to the deputy governor at the Bank of Israel. He is also the CBDC project manager at the central bank of Israel. He joins Banking4.0 to discuss in a keynote speech the important decisions central banks face in using cross-border CBDCs. He explores how the bank is engaging with international payments landscapes and learnings from the Icebreaker project, key challenges under existing funds transfer systems and how Israel is approaching digital currencies.

The Project Icebreaker is a joint experiment between the central banks of Israel, Norway and Sweden and the Bank for International Settlements that looks into how central bank digital currencies can be used to enable immediate international retail and remittance payments. The project sees participants connect their domestic proof-of-concept systems to test interoperability, alongside design and policy choices, to implement cross-border functionalities.

Elizaveta Palaznik – „Markets in crypto assets (MiCA) business consultant”

With a Masters degree in Applied Economics, a passion for new technologies and education, Elizaveta Palaznik have always been tackling new rising challenges in those fields.
Her career naturally expanded over several industries including finance, education and entrepreneurship.
During her career, she had the opportunity to contribute to both private and public large organisations such as Ernst and Young and the United Nations.

To this day, you may know Elizaveta for her academic lectures, conferences and business trainings related to digital assets and regulation. She helps crypto-assets companies, law and consulting firms navigating through the European Markets in Crypto-Assets regulation (MiCA). She is a noteworthy leader in the field and is recognised by hundreds of professionals reading her newsletter about MiCA each week.

Sarah Palurovic – „The Digital Euro Association – Executive Director”

Sarah is also project manager at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. She co-designed the Master of Blockchain & Digital Assets at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management where she is a lecturer for the economics of Ethereum. Sarah is a mentor for the DLT Talents and DeFi Talents educational program. Her fields of expertise are CBDCs, Stablecoins, cryptocurrencies and their respective economics.

Dr. Oriol Caudevilla – Global FinTech Influencer, world expert and top media source on CBDCs, Digital Banking and Blockchain. As an elected Board Director of Global Impact FinTech (GIFT) Forum, he is focusing mostly on securing Partnerships across the globe with other think tanks, Government agencies, regulatory bodies, private companies and academia. GIFT is the world’s largest Fintech nonprofit forum, with ecosystem leaders from 45+ countries, founded on the principles of: Innovation, Inclusion and Impact.

He is also Chairman of the Private Digital Euro Working Group within The Digital Euro Association – a think tank specializing in crypto assets, stablecoins, central bank digital currencies (CBDC), and other forms of digital money.

Oriol is a very influential voice in the FinTech area, having advised many FinTech companies and with a very extensive network across the globe. Current member of the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) as well as FinTech Australia.

Artem Fedorov – member of Visa Consulting & Analytics delivering strategic payment engagements to clients across Central & Eastern Europe, and coordinating digital assets initiatives as a member of global Visa crypto practice area.

Konstantinos Adamos – Lead Legal Counsel for Revolut’s crypto products.

Konstantinos is a regulatory lawyer who combines technical expertise with business-experience. This translates to commercial and solutions focused advice for his clients in a fast paced regulatory environment.

Konstantinos joined Revolut in 2021, after working at the FCA (the UK’s regulator for financial services). He holds a BA degree from Cardiff University (2014), a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the University of Westminster (2015) and he is pursuing a doctoral degree in law with Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Perello Laurent – Tron DAO Advisor & Business Developer

Laurent is the founder and CEO of Visions of Blockchain, Tron DAO Blockchain Advisor, a serial entrepreneur for 25 years and crypto veteran.

For many years, he managed business and marketing strategy for dozens of well-known brands.  
For the past 15 years, he has focused on building businesses as an investor or advisor, knowing that without a solid business strategy, methods and processes, no business can achieve sustainability and efficiency. 

He has also been a pioneer, speaker and evangelist in the field of cloud computing and digital transformation. He strongly believes in the promise of decentralization: to provide an alternative to an exclusive and failing system.

Since the beginning of 2017, he has been involved in the web3 community. He is particularly excited to be involved and to contribute to the promotion of the TRON DAO ecosystem in Europe and beyond!

Nils Andersen Roed – Deputy Head of Financial Crime Compliance at Binance.

Nils is the former Head of Investigations EMEA of the Binance Investigations team. This team focuses on external investigations with the purpose of identifying bad actors that attempt to commit crimes on Binance’s platforms and to protect users’ funds, as well as proactively supporting law enforcement agencies with their investigations.

Before joining Binance he worked as a specialist at the Europol Dark Web Team. During his time at Europol he coordinated and supported global law enforcement operations against criminality on the dark web such as the take downs of various illegal marketplaces and many other global actions against administrators, vendors and buyers on the dark web.

Nils was the Project Leader of the Dark Web Unit of the Dutch National Police. He was also the Project Leader of Operation Bayonet, leading to the takeover and takedown of the dark web marketplaces Hansa Market and Alphabay.

He has two Masters degree in Criminal Investigation and Psychology.

If you are interested in the impact of blockchain technology in the financial-banking industry or simply want to see what the opportunities of the new digital economy in the metaverse could look like, you can send a reservation request to until May 20, 2023.

The conference is aimed especially at people interested in the digital transformation process (especially payments), digital asset legislation, security and digital identity in web 3.0, start-up projects using blockchain technology and, last but not least, investment opportunities in NFTs and other digital assets classes.

Places are limited and priority is given to subscribers of the NOCASH newsletter.


STUP is an initiative of Banca Transilvania through which entrepreneurs are connected with service and product providers for the establishment, management and management of a business. Launched in July 2022, STUP now boasts a community of over 11,000 members.

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Anders Olofsson – former Head of Payments Finastra

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In 23 septembrie 2019, BNR a anuntat infiintarea unui Fintech Innovation Hub pentru a sustine inovatia in domeniul serviciilor financiare si de plata. In acest sens, care credeti ca ar trebui sa fie urmatorul pas al bancii centrale?