Anyone in the world will be able to open an U.S. bank account via their phone, tablet, or computer thanks to Zenus

15 august 2019

Like other challenger banks, such as Monzo and Revolut, Zenus will not have any physical offices. Instead, clients will be able to open an account via their phone, tablet, or computer. Any problems with their account can then be dealt with through an application, according to

Unlike other challenger banks, however, Zenus will allow people from anywhere in the world to open an account. That means someone living in Europe or South America can access a US bank account.

And, despite having done no marketing, the bank said that it has already received thousands of sign-ups for its waiting lists, with potential clients coming from 118 different countries.

“These sign-ups are coming predominantly by word of mouth as there has not yet been any marketing effort by the Bank while we focus on the build-out of our infrastructure and technologies,” said Weiyee In, chief strategy officer at the bank.

„As a veteran of the online trading industry, I worked with brilliant people and gathered inspiration from business dealings in six continents, servicing a wide spectrum of clients. This experience made it clear how FinTech innovation under geopolitical fragmentation has actually magnified the problem of social financial exclusion and widened the opportunity gap between the Western world and a huge demographic of people.”, saidMushegh Tovmasyan, Chairman & Founder at Zenus.

„The concept of Zenus Bank, therefore, is to be one of the first banks in United States to service global clientele. Equipped with the latest in omnichannel digital banking technology, we expect to enable individuals and corporates to safely access, send, receive and store their hard-earned money. We are a self-funded, successful team of experienced financial service professionals who have come up with a targeted business plan, acquired the necessary regulatory approvals and begun building the infrastructure of a very scalable bank.”

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