Amazon opens first cashierless store outside the US in London

5 martie 2021

Customers simply scan the QR code in the Amazon app on entry and start shopping. Visitors can buy a bag or use their own, and are emailed a copy of their receipt after leaving. Amazon tracks each customer as they move around the shop. Much of the technology involved is located in the ceiling.

Amazon has opened a cashierless store in London that lets customers „just walk out” once they have collected their shopping, with payment automatically taken from their account, according to BBC.

Already live in several Amazon Go stores in the US, the „just walk out” technology taps sensors, cameras and AI to track what items customers take from the shelves and then automatically charges through an app.

Shoppers identify themselves when they walk in by scanning a barcode within the Amazon app and then walk out when they have collected their goods.

Once you’ve scanned the QR code on the Amazon app over the scanner, you can put your phone away and shop like normal. When you’re done shopping, just walk out. No queues, no waiting.” the retail giant says.

According to the BBC, the technology has recently been improved to be able to tell between different bouquets of flowers, magazines and greetings cards. It involves the use of hundreds of cameras and depth-sensors, and software developed using deep-learning artificial-intelligence techniques.

However, it does not involve facial recognition.

In response to privacy concerns, Amazon says it will only associate information collected in the store with a customer’s Amazon account for up to 30 days.

Amazon also operates seven Whole Foods Market supermarkets in the UK. And there have been persistent rumours that it might try to expand further in the sector by buying one of the larger chains.

However, the company is also offering to sell its Just Walk Out technology as a service that can be installed in other companies’ stores.

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