Alexandru Petrescu, the minister of communications and information society: „I’m keen and determined to have a blockchain policy adopted. We should have it by the autumn, I would like to believe September.”

21 iunie 2019

„Let me tell you why I’m here. I believe is the right time for the amaizing Romanian blockchain community to give the institutional legitimacy that can make advanced technology, I’m talking about IoT, supercomputing and blockchain, to become a mass market choice. At the end of the day that’s the struggle in Romania.”, said Alexandru Petrescu, the minister of communications and information society at the opening ceremony of Romania Blockchain Summit.

The minister continued by saying that this event today is not just a singular commitment.
„For the last 6 months with many of the blockchain’s enthusiasts in Romania we’ve been working in a number of groups to put together a policy. I’m a fanatic of policies. We need clear frameworks, to know where exactly are we going. So I’ve launched e-commerce policy, I’m working on AI policy, I’m very close to complete the smart city’s policy, and I’m keen and determined to have a blockchain policy.”

„And I’d like to see innovators in blockchain from abroad coming here registering the companies and passport somewhere else if their business interest is asking that. (…) We have a summer to assemble and complete everything we’ve done in the last 6 months. By the autumn, I would like to believe September, we should have a policy adopted on the government table, so that can give you that legitimacy you need.”

At the end of his speech, the minister assured the audience that he is a great advocate of advanced technologies, and he is eager to do all he can to promote them as top priorities.

„Remember this: in the communications minister you have an enthusiast about advanced technology and everything stays in my power to do, to put advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain such as IoT or supercomputing on the top priorities I will do.

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