Adrian Dinculescu, Namirial: „we are issuing 50.000 qualified certificates on a monthly bases in Romania”

5 iunie 2020

Today, 25% of the banks and fintechs in Romania are offering online services using digital signatures, according to a Future Banking report, and from now on, the market can only go up. „Once you go digitally you will not go back to traditional channel.”, said Adrian Dinculescu, managing director at Namirial,

„There will be an increase. We closed contracts with three new financial institutions in the past week. This means three new banks that will digitize their offers.”

Adrian said that every crisis contributes to a tremendous increase in their business. Simply because they provide solutions that cut costs and optimize processes.

To emphasize that, the Namirial’s official gives us a number: 50.000. It is the number of qualified certificates that company is issuing on a monthly bases in Romania.

„The total Romanian market in the past was about 250.000 to 300.000 certificates per year. Now we are achieving these numbers in five months.”, Adrian said.

All public institutions now have the legal bases for accepting electronic documents. But electronic documents can be signed with simpled, advanced or qualified signatures and this 50.000 certificates are refferring only to qualified signatures. Because of that, Adrian said that „there are maybe more then that in simple and advanced electronic signatures that we process on a monthly bases”.

Meanwhile, Romania became a very important player among the Namirial Group countries.

„Right now, the top three customers of the whole Namirial Group are customers managed by Namirial Romania. And this is impressive considering that in Italy we’ve been on the market for 20 years.”

Adrian added: „Romania as a country managed to reach in March, the first place in terms of number of gualified electronic signatures. More than Italy because in Italy the whole business stopped so even online nothing was done while we had customers (in Romania) who had a 50% increase in their activity when the branches were closed. This was amazing. It was something we didn’t really expect. We expected the business to decline, but in fact it grew by more than 50% during these pandemic periods.”

Founded in 2000 in Italy, Namirial S.p.A. is at the same time a Software and Service Company and a Certification Authority, which provides Trust Services like e-signature, registered e-mail, e-invoicing and long term digital archiving to more than 1.000.000 customers, with its own products and solutions.

Namirial is headquartered in Senigallia, Italy, with sales and operations in ItalyGermanyAustriaRomania and Brazil that serve customers located all over Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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